services we provide - Brentwood & Nolensville

  • Sales of New Irrigation Systems 
  • Irrigation Maintenance
    • Spring Start-Up & Fall Winterization
    • Repair Leaks & Broken Sprinklers
    • Rain Sensor installation to reduce water bill
    • WIFI Controller Installation for smart phone control of system
  • Lawn Rodent Prevention & Control
    • Voles - Visible tunnel burrows make lawn squishy when walked on, killing grass.
      • Preventative above-ground bait stations
      • Underground burrow bait for active infestations
    • Moles - Make mole mounds in the lawn.
      • Underground burrow bait for active infestations

Why Choose Five Star Landscaping

A Consistent Customer Experience

Many of the reasons why lawn and landscape companies fail their customers is due to inconsistency.  Five Star Landscaping delivers a predictable customer experience from start to finish, with staff that remains constant and which truly appreciate your business.  Convenient billing options like emailed invoices, complete with online payment, auto-pay with card on file, or traditional paper invoice with addressed return envelope enclosed.


Mission Statement

Five Star Landscaping strives to deliver the highest quality lawn and landscape maintenance services in the area, with customer service being the greatest priority.

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